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Small, picturesque village in the heart of the Mayenne region

Daon is a peaceful haven of less than 500 inhabitants in the centre of the Mayenne reigon. The river Mayenne presents you with a stunning opportunity to cruise along it's winding and serene waterways.
With so many things to do and see, it is impossible to get bored on this river. You can glimpse herons, ducks and other birds behind every tree, or come across castles, windmills, churches or quaint villages as you round every curve of the river.

With an amazing architectural heritage that traverses many different periods of history, the Mayenne will open your eyes to the brilliant past of the region and the vestiges that it has left behind. Take to your lines
all you amateur and experienced fishermen! The river is abounding with carp, catfish and so many other fish just waiting to be caught and devoured!

Travelling on to Laval, a true county city, you will be delighted by the rich store of cultural and architectural treasures which hidden within its environs. A place to amuse both the young and the old, certainly worth a
visit during your cruise!

To See :
The locks with their floral decoration, the Old City of Laval, the Laval overpass, the St. JUlien de Laval laundry boat, Lion d’Angers town (visit the racetrack), Port Salut Abbey (and its boutique of monastery products), the reconstructed village of Petite Couère near Segré (with its classroom, grocer, cobbler, agricultural museum – collection of 40 ancient automobiles – animals, and its tiny tourist train).

To Taste :
White buttered zandar (fish), the Pommeau (local aperitif), cider, crepes, rillettes du Mans.

To Know :
There is 85km of restored towpaths to the town of Mayenne which provide you with many appealing walks and bike rides.

Favourite :
The locks: these are one of the main attraction of the river Mayenne. They all have a unique charm and characteristic: the grocery lock, the restaurant lock, the photo exposition lock and even… the bakery lock with has an explaination on how bread was produced in the old days. And of course the local taverns which serve scrumptious, well-priced meals produced from the local produce!

Discover the maps of information and tourist attractions of your route from Daon

From Daon :


Daon or Chenillé - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 70 km - 14 locks - 12 hours
Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Daon or Chenillé : 80 km - 24 locks - 13 hours

Mini week

Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 150 km - 38 locks - 22 hours
Daon or Chenillé - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé - Chateau Gontier - Daon or Chenillé : 150 km - 22 locks - 17 hours
Daon or Chenillé - Le Lion d’Angers - Montreuil Juigné - Angers - Cantenay Epinard (by Ecouflant, So round the island St Aubin by the old Maine) - Lion D'Angers - Daon or Chenillé : 91 km - 16 locks - 16 hours

One week

Daon or Chenillé - Angers - Solesmes - Daon or Chenillé : 198 km - 30 locks - 34 hours
Daon or Chenillé - Laval - Angers - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 170 km - 48 locks - 31 hours

One - way
Daon or Chenillé - Le Mans : 168 km - 28 écluses - 28 heures

Two weeks

Daon or Chenillé - Mayenne - Écouflant - Malicorne - Daon or Chenillé : 402 km - 112 locks - 68 hours

Two weeks one way

Daon or Chenillé - Laval - Angers - Le Mans : 274 km - 62 locks - 49 hours

Three weeks and more

Daon or Chenillé - Mayenne - Angers - Le Mans - Daon or Chenillé : 504 km - 130 locks - 97 hours
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