Our river cruises in Brittany

Sporty or cultural – which Brittany waterway cruise will you choose ?

Once we’ve trained you to captain your rental boat at our Redon base or at Hennebont, you’ll have complete freedom to choose your own itinerary. You’ll then be able to set off on the waters of the Vilaine, a typically Breton river, or opt for the soothing waters of the Nantes to Brest Canal.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll be able to embrace all the pleasures of waterway cruising in Brittany. The slow pace of your houseboat, the enjoyment of chatting with the fishermen or boaters you meet, the delight of going through the locks.… Every moment is unique, so savour it to the full.

Cycling will also feature on your agenda, with the opportunity to organise excursions by bike as you see fit, whether through the Breton bocage or following your boat along the towpaths.

Brittany, a land of legend to explore aboard your houseboat

Here in Brittany, there are a host of other attractions to discover, even more so than in other parts. You’ll enjoy the pleasant climate and the chance to make several stops to discover Breton villages, along with the region’s gastronomic specialities. It’s up to you to decide if you want to savour the famous Breton galettes or far breton on the deck of your houseboat or around a table in one of the many restaurants in the region.

Your cruise will also provide you with an opportunity to better understand the turbulent history of this province. Even before your departure, the abbey church of Saint Sauveur de Redon will set the tone. It’ll then be up to you to follow your desires by heading towards Nantes or Rennes. If you opt for the latter, a sure-fire recommendation for an original visit would be to get lost in the aisles of the city’s ecomuseum.

The essentials for a successful trip !

La Gacilly, nature pure and simple

The picturesque town of La Gacilly is nestled in the enchanting Aff valley, at the heart of the legendary land of Brocéliande. Succumb to its charms as you stroll the picture postcard streets and, if you have the opportunity, be sure to catch the photo festival that’s held here every year. This Breton town is also famous for being the birthplace of Yves Rocher. A botanical garden and bamboo plantation now remind all visitors of Yves Rocher’s passion, making La Gacilly an original stopping point during your waterway cruise in Brittany.

Fishing, another pleasure to enjoy in Brittany

Brittany has a host of waterways and, although you’ll have no trouble occupying yourselves aboard your houseboat, you’ll also be able to enjoy one of the region’s simple pleasures and leading activities: fishing. There’s no need to travel as far as the seashore to get out your rods and landing nets. Brittany’s wealth of lakes and rivers ensure that you can indulge in this pleasure whenever you wish. Moor up along the banks of the Vilaine or try fishing from the deck of your houseboat. The slow pace of waterway cruising guarantees ample opportunities to indulge in this passion, so make the most of it! And to strengthen your relationship with the local fishermen, remember to slow the speed of your rental boat as you navigate the waters of Brittany.

Brittany, a gastronomic voyage to savour

A trip through Brittany won’t be complete without succumbing to the delights of Breton crêpes and galettes, whether in the inns and restaurants you encounter during your waterway cruise or aboard your licence-free boat itself. There’ll be wheat crêpes and buckwheat galettes to satisfy all appetites, along with many other gastronomic specialities to discover as part of your next waterway cruise. Embrace the flavours of Guéméné’s authentic andouille sausages, along with the andouilles de campagne that you’ll find in all the local markets. Seafood platters or armoricaine lobster will liven up your stay, and Breton drinks, such as the local beers, barley wine, chouchen, Muscadet and Gros-Plant will accompany you throughout your waterway cruise.

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